The Night That Grandpa Died Poem by Slim Jim

The Night That Grandpa Died

A young girls mother
Was talking to her father
Who had finally broke down and cried
The night that grandpa died
She got a kiss from her mother
And a hug from her father
Who was all torn up inside
She did what she could
And tried what she tried
But she couldn't avoid
That his old man has died
He's hanging on by a thread
With images caught in his head
For months and months they'd stay
Along with his voice, that won't go away
All the words that were said, on grandpas last day
His son clinged to his side
While the whole world cried
In grandpas last moment
Grandma had pulled out her vows
Then read them out loud,
'I will love you forever,
But you still deserve better
Than me
And the whole world can see.
Baby, you chose me
And I'm real happy
With whatever we have,
Some day you'll make a great dad! '
A family froze to the bone
While a nurse enters the room
She says, 'You guys can stay,
But we'll have to take him away.'

Whitney Nicole Albright* 25 November 2008

This one's good. It reminds me of my grandfather passing away.

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