To The Best Year Yet Poem by Slim Jim

To The Best Year Yet

I remember when life was a cliff to climb
I remember when I left it all behind
I remember the days when I had my world torn apart
Like a bomb exploding from within my heart
I remember the times I almost caved in
And millions of times I have sinned
I remember those days when I saw no light
But my fragile life was guided throughout the night
I remember thinking this is the end
And wondering what its like to have true friends
I remember the times I was scarred to move on
I was convinced, in this life I didn't belong
But then one day, I became a man
And I started to discover who I truly am
I'm still not quite sure of my purpose in life
But I wont let that stop me from doing what's right
2013 has started off great
What else is in store? I cant stand the wait!
I've hung out with cousins I see twice a year
And partied with an awesome friend who lives miles from here
I traded my sled for a bike ill be driving
Sometime this summer I'm going sky diving
Perhaps I will find a sweetheart for me
I can not predict the future, we'll just have to see
I also might go to the Rollag Threshing Show
With my brother in law and his best friend, nobody knows…
Life was worth living to get where we are
If I just gave up, I wouldn't have made it this far.

Thanks guys! :)
It's hard to think its only January

Britty Kay 11 June 2013

To see you come this far is heart breaking wishes that i wish i could make true as tears roll down my face a wish a fear of what has happened to take back every thing would be a dream..

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