Slim Jim

Slim Jim Poems

1. Fading Away 10/10/2007
2. My Beauty A Far 11/24/2008
3. The Grim Reaper 11/24/2008
4. The Night That Grandpa Died 11/24/2008
5. Clouds Of Gray 11/24/2008
6. What Is It? 11/24/2008
7. Shadows 4/16/2009
8. Crushed By Stone 4/16/2009
9. Freeing Dreams 4/16/2009
10. Because Of You 4/16/2009
11. Learning To Fall 7/11/2010
12. Me 7/11/2010
13. For My Fans 1/30/2011
14. The Lies Of A Thousand Knives 1/8/2012
15. Why Do I Still Love You? 5/7/2012
16. Black & Blue 9/10/2012
17. Hope You Get This 9/10/2012
18. To Whom This May Concern 9/10/2012
19. Unspoken Words 5/14/2007
20. Your Chance 5/14/2007
21. To The Best Year Yet 1/21/2013
22. Significance Beyond 1/1/2016
23. My Time Is Now 9/10/2012
24. Sometimes 5/21/2007
25. I Dare You! 4/16/2009
Best Poem of Slim Jim

I Dare You!

I dare you to speak the words you do everyday
I dare you to say them to my face in the same way
I dare you to live your life in great fear
I dare you to close your eyes and try not to here
What’s going on around you
As a pack of wolves slowly surrounds you
I dare you to let people push you around
I dare you to let Hercules throw you to the ground
I dare you to lose all your friends
I dare you to put your life in someone else’s hands
I dare you to turn down every fight
I dare you to try and make things right
I dare you to wait for time to pass
I dare you ...

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Fading Away

I was always there for you, a shoulder you could cry on
A friend you'd rely on
And it's a shame I couldn't see
That you were never there for me
But now you're gone
And I'm not sure where I belong
Oh, how I wish so tenderly
That you were still here with me
You're the one that I love

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