Slim Jim Poems

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Sometimes I feel my life’s just a big nightmare
Sometimes I wish I could stand up to my greatest fear
Sometimes I wish it all were new
Sometimes I wish it were happening to you

Unspoken Words

Blades are berried into my skin
Now the only question is who will win
This fight
To save my life

Why Do I Still Love You?

Why am I Crying
Why am I Trying
I wish I was fine
But inside I am dieing

I Dare You!

I dare you to speak the words you do everyday
I dare you to say them to my face in the same way
I dare you to live your life in great fear
I dare you to close your eyes and try not to here


Behind this smile is a face full of tears
Built up from sorrow through out the years
Sobbing and weeping more and more
Behind fake windows and locked doors

What Is It?

I'ts what we do, it's what we know
I'ts what we know, that we don't show
I'ts who we are, it's what we fear
I'ts what we listen to, and still don't hear

My Time Is Now

Its time to look forward
Its time to move on
Its time to let go of the past
And realize it is gone.

To The Best Year Yet

I remember when life was a cliff to climb
I remember when I left it all behind
I remember the days when I had my world torn apart
Like a bomb exploding from within my heart

Significance Beyond

The light of heaven,
So bright, so bright,
Follow the light.


The shadow of my time
Keeps every thing in line
I Know that it's not real
But this is how I feel

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