David Joel Rodriguez

The Note On The Table (2007) - Poem by David Joel Rodriguez

Please listen to me very carefully
for I will open up to you entirely
In reality, there are others like me
Because of people like you, some cease to be
I am this way because I was taught
I am this way because that is how I was brought up
I was and loved to be your favorite book
detailed illustrations which you seemed to overlook
Though treated like some kind of a king,
I really never ever asked for anything
Though you were treated like a queen,
You manage to take advantage of me...

As mean as you were, I remember I gave you a note
Not to long and not to short I wrote:

'‘My love for you is like the weight of the ocean, started off with soft gentle drops, becoming full, heavy, deep....’ One thing I wish it had would be a nozzle. Just to drain all the unwanted hazardous feelings. Besides, draining is better than a crack. Without hassle or pain, just open, release everything you don't want, close it, then find someone else who can fill it with a different meaningful kind of love. As for a crack, if healed, the scar will always be there, thus worsening the scar if reopened...'

After the first sentence, I realized who I was writing too
When you read it you never would've thought it was for you
Yet with a smile you decided to praise me anyway
going about your way enjoying the rest of your day
Always seeming to relish the way I talk to you
But your eyes persue another man in your view
I do not hate you for being the way you are
I just wasn't thinking when we met at the bar
You never cared much for the talking or the listening
but I sure put up with much of your selfish whining
I really really thought I could just let it all out right now
but it's to late cause you're showing other men you can meow...

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