Gaylord Munemo and Jalisa Curtin

The Old Feeling - Poem by Gaylord Munemo and Jalisa Curtin

I was myself and you were yourself,
Our lines i joined, you made parallel again,
Openning my heart while you shut yours,
What am i fighting for, im done,
Growing with you, now growing apart,
Im glad we cancelled it,
Whosoever i shall call the close,
Shall be worthy the brotherhood,
For you, the loved ones you betrayed,
Deceived by the inconsistance of your thoughts,
Liking you is an old feeling

I stretched my hand yet you pulled me,
Trying to help while you try to detsroy,
Nolonger do i mind your green eye,
I dont revenge but i forgive,
Yet you still not worthy the title,
Unlucky we dont choose a womb,
Yes, i couldnt have followed you,
The pain you have caused is great,
Letting down those who protect you,
Paying good with evil,
Forgeting the reciprocity of the womb,
The womb that you vame from,
This prison cell was a shelter,
Spare us the fury of your failure,
Appreciating your presence is an old feeling

Your hands are guilty yet you rejoice,
Where shall you stand 'bigman' ever small,
You have neglected those who love you,
This life is what you made it,
Turn around there is light,
For appreciation is an old feeling

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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