George Krokos

Gold Star - 9,670 Points (30-06-1951 / Samos, Greece (Now lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia))

The Other Side - Poem by George Krokos

To those people who spend most of their life
surrounded with worldliness its cares and strife
this piece is dedicated it is my duty to convey
without any effort not to I'd be left in dismay.

One should always let know and be willing to confide
through terms of endearment how to get to the other side.
The world is full of confusion, contradictions and the like
it's only through the midst of this chaos homeward we hike.

Home is that place from where we started our journey, have become estranged
by allurements and attachment to the sense objects, our mind is deranged.
Forced into seduction and by ignorance we ride
the crestwave of illusion away from the other side;
while entertaining and playing host to all those desires,
trying to appease an insatiable horde we burn in its fires.

Seldom do we get an inkling of how far we have gone
away from that place in which the light shone;
our ineffable home too bright for the eyes do hide
bewildering, the mind can't comprehend, beyond, just on the other side.

The mind always reflects that with which it is absorbed in,
a double sided transparent mirror through which the soul goes peering.
The soul is infinite in innumerable ways and sets up its own barriers without limit or cost,
intent on finding, due to forgetfulness, that which it appears as to have lost.
Then proceeds experiencing a finite life in an infinite way
through its own misguided power does this creation hold sway.....

Only after gathering enough data does it ever decide
that it has forsaken its real nature back on the other side.
By ignoring the advice of the guiding voice from within,
coming from a higher source, in ignorance do we swim.

When each of us has reached an all time low
or when fate delivers us a gracious blow,
we start thinking about our current situation
and try to make amends with much expectation.

Alleviating the disgrace which upon our soul is a burden,
retracing our steps back towards harmony and freedom
and so live a life of good works pleasing the Eternal Witness
satisfying our highest conscience the inner voice of stillness.

With each progressive step forward in the right direction we take
an ever increasing joy and peace in our mind and heart we make.
Helping all those who come across our path to be
confident in themselves and just a little more free;
to achieve whatever they cherish or happen to bide
while we continue our journey toward the other side.
By observing a steady discipline daily we find
most things can be accomplished dear in mind.

We can't easily get to the other side with a heavy load
as there already are many unseen obstacles on that road.
We all have each somehow to travel different distances
depending where we start from in current circumstances.
So let's make haste and all acknowledge our aim
that whether we like it or not our goal is the same.

There are many of us here having to play a unique part
when considering others' welfare show a little more heart.
In matters of relationship we should never try and hide
that which to our advantage helps us get to the other side.

Yet when we give with all our heart its from the other side
without any selfish motives or thoughts of gain to hide
we gradually reveal our real nature and true guide
which is realized unmistakably as being the other side.

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