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Universal Freedom Is......

Freedom from hunger and freedom from pain
freedom from loss and so freedom from gain.
Freedom to give and freedom to share
freedom from want and that of despair.

Sunset On The Beach

The sun was setting with all its power and glory
on the horizon behind the sea as I stood there
on the sand which lay along the water's edge.

Haiku #4 - Our Ways In The World..........

Autumn Whispers

When you hear all those trees
how they sing in the breeze
with their branches and leaves
which are now falling down

An Ode To Textbook Poets

The textbook poets try to bind you down
with all of those rules they call renown.
In a strict meter and rhyme they do write
and like to see others match their plight.

George Krokos Quotes

07 October 2020

Not all true spiritual teachings may ever be exactly the same but they're revealed from One Source known by a different name.

07 October 2020

Life devoid of love and happiness may not seem worth living but if they are searched for and found then it is full of meaning.

24 December 2020

The universe is an infinite sphere of God's imagination in which evolves a materialistic dream of His Creation. (Simple Observation #401 - © 2020 George Krokos)

07 February 2021

To reverse the trend, where possible, of an adverse condition or situation one must take certain specific opposite measures with due consideration. (Simple Observation #128 - © 2021 George Krokos)

07 February 2021

Self confidence is but a very subtle thing which can empower one's soul for success to bring. (Simple Observation #431 - © 2021 George Krokos)

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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

Great poet...... thanks////

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Michael Walkerjohn 11 May 2020

Aloha! and Cheers! I, have discovered George this early am pst... and perused one prose and read his bio and found a potential acquaintance... A truly fine feeling... Word words that communicate a better read are herein... and much more than the ordinary or mundane... IAM pleased to begin to read many more posts... and gather many more 'worths'... I will recommend to all our membership that they too... visit and peruse... Michael WalkerJohn

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George is an aspiring poet who has written quite a number of poems inspired by nature, science, philosophy and the spiritual aspects of life. He has studied eastern and western religions and associated philosophy for over 35 years and has practised various forms of Yoga and meditation. He is about to publish a book called The Seeds of Life - Poetry ...

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