Universal Freedom Is...... Poem by George Krokos

George Krokos

George Krokos

Samos, Greece (Now lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Universal Freedom Is......

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Freedom from hunger and freedom from pain
freedom from loss and so freedom from gain.
Freedom to give and freedom to share
freedom from want and that of despair.

Freedom to think and freedom to know
freedom to achieve and freedom to grow.
Freedom from bondage and freedom of liberation
freedom from ignorance and any unknown situation.

Freedom to come and freedom to leave
freedom to stay and freedom to conceive.
Freedom from struggle and freedom of ease
freedom to enjoy and the capacity to please.

Freedom from failure and freedom of success
freedom from denial and freedom of access.
Freedom from illusion and freedom of reality
freedom to become what we are in actuality.

Freedom to live and freedom to die
freedom to laugh and freedom to cry.
Freedom to speak and freedom to listen
freedom to act based on a wise decision.

Freedom from hate and freedom of love
freedom of below and freedom of above.
Freedom of the past and freedom of the present
freedom of the future and what it can represent.

Freedom from war and freedom of peace
freedom to begin and freedom to cease.
Freedom from sickness and freedom of health
freedom from poverty and mishandled wealth.

Freedom from wrong and freedom being right
freedom of the day and freedom of the night.
Freedom to choose and freedom to reject
freedom to imagine what there is to expect.

Freedom from lust and freedom from greed
freedom from anger and freedom from breed.
Freedom from jealousy and freedom from pride
freedom from within and freedom from outside.
Freedom of always not having anything to hide.

Freedom from space and also freedom from time
freedom from attachment and freedom from crime
Freedom to work and freedom to play
freedom to believe and freedom to pray.
Freedom to experience a rebirth someday.

Freedom from the body and freedom from the mind
freedom from the ego and freedom from being blind.
Freedom of transcendence being of the spiritual kind.

Universal freedom is eternal and infinite bliss
we should all therefore be able to realise this.

Universal Freedom Is......
Monday, August 30, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: belief,faith,freedom,happiness,liberation,spirituality
Badri Tamang 05 May 2012

Outstanding poem............really a real voice of freedom.......

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Marwan Mohamed 29 July 2012

that's awsome....... that the meaning of freedom

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Mary Donnelly 02 July 2012

That was just fantastic. You are a very gifted poet

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Leia Morrigan 03 March 2013

its FREEDOM! ! ! ! I'm a Real GIIRRRRRL! ! !

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 28 March 2021

Wonderful Poem George! Top stars

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 28 March 2021

Freedom is precious. Let us be blessed to choose the right, pure and eternal.

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Diane Montemayor 18 December 2020

Freedom to choose - 'being kind or being right'... Freedom is a choice and decision.. Wonderful thoughts sir George..thank you for sharing

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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

Universal freedom is eternal and infinite bliss we should all therefore be able to realise this....! ! ! Fine poem

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 April 2020

Is this poetry? Why do you bogus fellow pollute the site...waste of space! Every stanza is unevenly articulated affecting the flow! No rhymes and rhthm! Why the word freedom so many times? Are your readers donkeys! Better stop writing!

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George Krokos 11 April 2020

You should learn to write proper English and grammar before anyone can take anything you write seriously Mr Swain because it appears that with most of what you write and offer here one can notice that there's nothing much to gain.

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George Krokos

George Krokos

Samos, Greece (Now lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
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