The Other Side Of The Chemical War On The Syrian People

Sarine and Chlorine acids are
Both used greatly against
The Syrian people brutally just
To display our world's blind eyes,
Unjustfied attacks have happened, but
The whole world keeps silent,
A lot of Syrian people have died
As a result of the brutal usage of
Known and unknown poisnous gases,
Our whole world is greatly deaf,
Dumb, and blind towards
What's going on around those chemical
Attacks on the innocent Syrian people,
We can not blame our whole world
Simply because it is totally absent,
Unless our current world takes
The strictest measures against using
Those poisonous gases, then
We do not blame anyone for using them,
We either go to bed or
To turn our back to all that happens
Around us anywhere and everywhere,
The other side of the chemical war
On the Syrian people highlights
The real truth of our current world, but
We are here to tell the whole world
About it as a documented thing.

The Other Side Of The Chemical War On The Syrian People
Saturday, April 7, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace