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The Pain

Rating: 4.8

I’m bored can anyone help me its like damn you just keep jumping in and out of my life and every time you come back I have to stop myself from holding you closer and closer because then when you leave which I know you will it hurts even more I don’t know why fate keeps bringing us together if nothing is supposed to be and I don’t know why I’m hurting myself over and over again I guess I must love the pain because I just cant seem to let go but that’s what you get when you let your heart win I know for a fact they covered up the truth with their lies and if that’s how you want it that’s fine I don’t know why I’m letting you mess with my functions when I know your going to leave me for dead I just cant let you go it hurts to much but I guess it hurts just as much to hold onto something that isn’t even really yours I’m not sure what it is about you that I cant let you go it hurts and I’m in love with the pain because don’t you know I like to play with sharp objects the pain is just such a sudden rush I cut just to bleed I’ve lost track of reality you’ve seen my scares and heard all my lies but couldn’t give a damn to ask why because that’s just who you are every scar is for you didn’t you know that there is nothing a girl wants more then something she cant have and I know I cant have you so I go find a sharp object to play with because it gets rid of the pain everyone thinks its wrong but its just the same as drinking my problems away I feel like it’s the only thing I can control in my life anymore I’m so messed up opps the blade went to deep now I’ll go to sleep this is my suicide

Whitney Nicole Albright* 30 January 2009

i sense anger and pain. it sums up what we all feel when we are hurt.

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