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The People See My Words Are True

The artists, that desired, my brand, and such
Had elaborate, plots, and pacts, that they attached
To their friends, to frame, some contention for me
In advance, the envious acts, to hinder, my altitude
For those who did not hear, I had faithful platforms
Where I explain it, through recordings, audio
Demon scam, since my diaper days
Which explain success of some leading names
On their rise to fame
Recently, I got stalked, by all of which, with their violent ways
Then I have flashbacks, of the years before
All their lies were plain, even still, the quality art i make
Through the persecution
That they want to hide, still reveal the truth
While their hands are busy
Crafting stuff, against God, the country, want me, to be a psycho
That's their idols though, I'm a regular person
Just like their own, except, I have this talent
Through literature
That the devil hate, so he think of farfetched
Obscenity, to eradicate it, ultimately, silence
The best Elijah, with lesser things, to God
That reverence not Him or called Him but just forgot Him
Kind of often, when you factor in this attack
Lying, thought up, and they followed, under falsehoods
And use the gangs to protect their fortune
That they only gained, from betraying fans
And deceiving, taking brands, and fighting toddlers
With grown up, wars, claim some friendship then
But slain some saints, in old days, chosen ones
Came from God, then hid it, built entire kingdoms, on voring God
Til their pockets pretty, that's an evil thing, for some
Heaven is not an option, really
Just the last two weeks, had the law suspend
While the plot continued, dropped some more recordings
Satanic cults, that the beasts exploit, persecute the remnant
Until it's fragments, are covered up, to invade my shelter
They make up stuff, that was planned ahead
The harshest false, attacks, to secure, the scam
And the earnings from it, no respect, for blessed, child, divine
Anointed, subjected different, cause the ones who target
Disturbed, my cradle, and set the nets, and traps, ahead of time
They just stalk, to frame, cause they came from them
Call it fame, to mislead the people, extortion to absorb
My portion, and creations, like all or nothing, they never quit
Demon doctrine dismissed, what's false encumbered by heavy sin
Overselling basic, activity, of their target's life
To box them into framings, without their knowledge
To martyr light, been like two whole decades
Extensions, from them, embark on lie campaigns
To keep the truth hidden, blasphemy, those are holy words
Underneath Elijah, the beasts desire, replacing God
He scoffs, at all the antics, the puppets of such
Had known about my character, a long time, years ago, still proceed with this
Their orders came from satan, it had to be
Cause I'm Jesus kid, glory, praise to God though
He the winner, I'm just a servant, need the truth to be known
For the people

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