Mihir Tejura

The Pleasant Early Morning! - Poem by Mihir Tejura

The Dark Horizon,
Sky with bats,
And to see nothing above,
Yet one hope, The stars
Twinkling were,
But not as powerful,
To destroy Black Blossoms of hopeless sky.
The world at a still-stand,
And beauty on it's leave.
Yes, It is The Unpleasant Night...!

And the dear Yellow Ball,
Out throws first strike of white light,
Telling the world that Yes,
Darkness is followed by Bright light,
Woes are followed by Hope,
Sorrows are followed by Happiness.
And the streak of light first,
Upturned the darkness and
Behind left the Black Blossoms.
The birds chirp sweet,
Rings the alarm clocks,
And that transformation
To a bright morning from hopeless night,
Must be experienced! !

The Blue Ball
Looks as pleasant as corolla.
The sky goes bluish,
With polite dots of birds chirping sweetly,
And reaching as high as multi-storeyed architecture
Moralising that Man can not defeat nature! !
The forest lit's up
And out goes the animals
To make ends meet.
This way, nature joyful,
Blossoms out by single streak of Bright Light
Of Thy 'Pleasant Early Morning'! !

Up wakes the Men,
Preparations start for the day forth,
Morning seems as boring,
So as to go to the work today.
Leaves 'HE' the bed thinking with
How Bad The Day Gonna To Be? ? ! !
Rushing goes man blaming the morning,
To the work for a fistful of money!
Had ever you seen birds chirp sweetly?
Had ever you watched sky with stars twinkling?
Had ever you looked at first streak of light on your terrace?
This is what Life is!
Couldn't remember they last when they saw even Horizon of Hope!
And thinking the life as boring? ? ! !

Leave the books and files,
Come forth to nature,
No need of 'READING' morals,
Nature itself is best teacher! !
The rise of Pleasant Early Morning,
Leaves a sigh of hope, whence watched,
Leaves behind which, All the tensions, world is being sucked to,
Gives it a Moral Without 'Reading'
That Yes-

'Darkness is Definitely Followed By Bright Light Of -
The Pleasant Early Morning...! ! ! '

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 21, 2012

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