Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Poem To The Randomness Of The World (Edit2)

We all fall for its spell from day one to day three hundred and sixty five,
At least once, you swear you have seen a pig fly.
But, atlas! that pig will stay on the ground or grow wings,
Only if you will it so.
We walk down the street, in order to keep up the beat
And we stop to see those clowns unload from their car
So far away, across the street.
They tipped and turned onto the street, so far away,
You saw that, I hope, walking alongside me
But nod your head from side to side, gives me the blow.
I gave my pig wings,
You gave yours four feet and a snout.
Mine flew high.
And all what you saw was a car
Across the street, so far away
Yes, this is the poem to the randomness of the world.

Everything can't be explained
In fact we go through a lot of pain.
Pain does hurt,
But don't let that distraught you,
What we have all been through.
I’d spend the day with my dog
Chase each other we would,
Until all breath was lost from each our chest.
Next night, my dog’s chest rise no longer.
All the air left his chest and never came back.
Those tears flowed into my eyes
And dropped onto his fur.
Those tear drops have soaked into his coat.
And so had my dog’s memories.
To be buried
Among with the other hairs
That makes up this beautiful fur.
Yes, this is the poem to the randomness of the world.

Such a reward and such a nuisance!
Leaving us with heartbreaks
And heartfelt memories, alike.
We have seen such events, and then we dip into this river
Sometimes it is easy to get into, and off we go off to the sunset
Other times the current knocks us onto the beach,
Leaving us to bake in the hot sun.
No matter the cost,
There are those who love you,
Either friend or family or dog or cat.
Just hop in, eventually you will see the sunset
You'd be surprised, just realize!
Yes, this is the poem to the randomness of the world.

Such a random thing,
Leaving us to figure the true meaning to all this madness.
But don’t we stop to think,
That maybe,
Couldn’t there be any answer.
Or no answer?
One day cracks a smile across my face
Seeing those clowns across the street so far away.
Then arriving to see my dog’s chest never rise?
People say there is a method to the madness.
Or does life just roll a dice,
By taking it’s chances
As do people with love?
Yes, this is the poem to the randomness of the world.
Armand Meza
Genesis Cairo 11 February 2010
This is a very buteaiful tidbit a woudlnt you know about the world.i like it its very true life is like a shoe never know which one to pick bt its awfully necessary.
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