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The Positivity Of Poetry!

It's known that writing can enhance our mental health as well,
Such that a pop song helps us dance as if within a spell
And that a poem set to rhyme seems upbeat in its way,
With rhythms that prove quite sublime, enough to make our day.
Perhaps we frame a poem, too, then hang it on a wall,
In pride of place for each to view, to share its miracle.
Or put our poems on websites, for millions now and then,
So they gain wisdom that delights the mortal souls of men.
Who knows if God may lend a hand in what we seek to share,
With wondrous ways to understand so readers know we care?

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The Positivity Of Poetry!
Monday, May 4, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: dance,easter,faith,god,happiness,holy spirit,hope,jesus,poetry,songs