The Power Of Music Poem by Sukumar Ray

The Power Of Music

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When summer comes, we hear the hums
Bhisma Lochan Sharma.
You catch his strain on hill and plain from Delhi
down to Burma
He sings as though he's staked his life, he sings
as though he's hell-bent;
The people, dazed,retire amazed although they
know it's well-meant.
They're trampled in the panic rout or languish
pale and sickly,
And plead,'My friend, we're near our end,oh
stop your singing quickly! '
The bullock-carts are overturned, and horses
line the roadside;
But Bhisma Lochan, unconcerned, goes
booming out his broadside.
The wretched brutes resent the blare the hour
they hear it sounded,
They whine and stare with feet in air or wonder
quite confounded.
The fishes dived below the lake in frantic search
for silence,
The very trees collapse and shake - you hear the
crash a mile hence -
And in the sky the feathered fly turn turtle while
they're winging,
Again we cry,'We're goingto die, oh won't you
stop your singing? '
But Bhisma's soared beyond our reach, howe'er
we plead and grumble;
The welkin weeps to hear his screech, and mighty
mansions tumble.
But now there comes a billy goat, a most
sagacious fellow,
He downs his hornsand charges straight, with
bellow answ'ring bellow.
The strains of song are tossed and whirled by
blast of brutal violence,
And Bhisma Lochan grants the world the golden
gift of silence.

[Original: 'Ganer Gunto' (Bengali) , Translated by: Sukanta Chaudhury]

Shampa Mukherjee 09 October 2012

summary of the poem The Power of Music by Sukumar Ray

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Valerie Dohren 14 March 2012

Love this one, its great, flows beautifully and so well rhymed. Bravo.

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Ariana Grande 07 December 2021

I love indian poems translated in English and this one is my fav

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Ariana Grande 07 December 2021


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Debojit Kumar Mondal 25 December 2015

A masterpiece from a great Poet who died young.

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Debojit Kumar Mondal 25 December 2015

A masterpiece from a great Poet who died young.

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Sukumar ray 01 June 2021

This poet was the best one

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Mili Ghosh 19 November 2013

lovely poem! ! ! sukumar roy made his name as a humorist poet, well known for his aboltabol..master piece of nonsense verse akin to the poems of lewis carroll

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Sukumar Ray

Sukumar Ray

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