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'Oh sweet breath of eternal life
Dance ever `pon her silent breast
Released from pain and worldly strife
The one I love is laid to rest'

After the rain the air is sweet
With glist`ning pools beneath my feet
Raindrops dripping down from the eaves
Teardrops slipping off shining leaves

I close my eyes to find a place
In different time and different space
And in imagination find
A cloistered arbour for my mind


A single rose with thorny stem
On mother nature`s tattered hem
Which no-one cares to steal away
So left to wither and decay

Such princely and linguistic feats
As penned by Shelley, Byron, Keats
Though rich and eloquently grand
Are oft` too deep to understand

I saw the face of beauty fixed
Upon the rising sun
Beyond all mortal compliment
Her loveliness there shone

Today I slipped into a dream
And saw a better world
A world of peace and gentleness
Before my eyes unfurled

I am the wind that blows in your hair
I am the joy in the smile that you wear

I am the grass that cushions your feet

I sat beneath the Willow tree
And cried in sad lament -
The Willow wept because I wept;
Despaired and discontent


Night falls, and only dreams remain
Dim dreams of all that might have passed -
Set deep in shadows, thus my soul
Beneath the dying sun is cast

Upon the glow of evening mist
Beneath the darkened sky
Whilst gazing at the moonlight pale
I heard the night birds cry

The world is full of rubbish
I see it all around
Strewn along the pavements
And scattered ‘cross the ground

Gladly will my heart surrender
At the closing of the day
When my eyes shall rest in slumber
Chasing sorrows fast away

What moves behind those darkling eyes
What memories concealed -
What shadows drift within their gaze
What visions unrevealed

What becomes of love that falters
Skies that turn from blue to grey
Tenderness which coldness alters
Eyes then sadly turn away

They fly beneath the cotton clouds
With plumage virgin white
As angels spread their beauteous wings
To bear them on their flight

Oh sir, I’m just a woman
How could I understand
For you are set above me
So tall and proud and grand

Looking down through misty spheres
To visit wondrous lands
Hewn through time, through endless years,
Green fields and golden sands

I dreamed of love
but not like this –

a silent heart

I caught the train to Hell today
A dark and bumpy ride
So many souls were huddled there
Full packed it was inside

Valerie Dohren Biography

Widow, one daughter, retired NHS employee. Interests include classical music, birds, walking not too far! ! , and of course, writing poetry.)

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Ode To A Lost Love

'Oh sweet breath of eternal life
Dance ever `pon her silent breast
Released from pain and worldly strife
The one I love is laid to rest'

Her flaxen hair, like golden corn,
Fell soft about her lifeless face
And round her shoulders to adorn
As limp she lay in death`s embrace

Still young, the bloom of youth today,
Her life had barely yet begun
But all too soon to fade away
No more to dance beneath the sun

No more to laugh in sweet delight
Nor skip through pastures wild and free
Nor hear the nightingales sing bright
In pure and perfect harmony

'I`ll ne`er forget her tender smile
Nor yet her face so sweet and fair
Her gentle kisses to beguile
I`ll cherish every thought of her'

The teardrops glistened on his cheeks
Like stars plucked from the darkened skies
He held her hand, no more to speak,
Then gently kissed her still, cold eyes

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Hans Vr 03 June 2014

Valerie is definitely among the most talented poets on Poemhunter. She is not afraid to give enough space to her feelings. Good feelings, negative feelings, she ventilates and lets them move She uses a wonderful language and striking images to translate the emotion into fantastic verses Reading her poems is like taking a rest in an oasis I hope to read much much more on PH from Val

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

5 4 Reply
Lento Maez 03 September 2014

A marvelous story poetically expressed. Truly wonderful.

5 3 Reply
Sandra Feldman 18 April 2014

A poet of great sensitivity, beauty and charm., like the Masters once were. With words she paints such charm and gives the reader this wonderful sense of well-being If poems were like paintings, hers would hang in the Louvre.

5 3 Reply
Ovi Odiete 24 August 2015

This Woman is a Gift to Earth..... She Writes and brings Heaven Closer.....

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 May 2020

Valerie Dohren is a multi-talented and highly reputed poetess who writes beautiful and pleasant poems on nature, society, love, life, rain, birth and death and many more. Her way of presentation is very unique and she has very high poetic skill. Her each poem is a gem treasured in the world of literature. Her dazzling appearance in literature motivates many other poets. I find high philosophic essence in her amazing writings. She is a legendary star of perseverance!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 May 2020

I am wishing poetess Valerie Dohren all the best for her perseverance. May God bring unlimited happiness for her and her family! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul #309 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information, Rank on date 23 May 2020, Saturday) (Today's Rank)

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C F 04 January 2019

i love the cadence of your poems and the scomplex emotions they convey...

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yeetr 01 November 2018

why did you start wirting poetry

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Richard Lackman 28 April 2018

Val, I just read your name in a poem by Joe Anderson. He likes your poems as much as I do. I am still writing some but need to get back into my stride. I hope you are well. Every day is still precious. Lackman

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I am all that was, is, and ever can be.

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