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The Price!

whats the price of being you,

the price is, if everything
went wrong you say'it's my fault',
will it is your fault if you didn't do what you did,
but it is ok everybody makes mistake in life,
think back, and your head's up,
because that's the price of being'you',
so why regret it? ,
maybe it could've gone worse then it is,

so why regret for being who you are,
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Hans Vr 05 June 2010

Right, Michelle, Right and wrong are very difficult concepts Sometimes what goes deep inside is considered wrong by those around us But your heart knows better, Our soul knows it all. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul, There is a price to pay, b'cause those around us want us to listen to them The truth is just residing in yourself. As grandmother Willow said in the story Pocahontes: 'Listen to your heart' You may have to pay a price but in the end peace of mind will be yours. Congrats with this write-up. very well done at your very young age.

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what a price to pay........wow love is just bad and good sometimes......nice work..

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