michelle al G Poems

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

In time Of need
i wasn't there indeed
Mistake it was
My friendship it cost

Can'T Let You Go......

You are deep,
i can't sleep,
Why is that? ! ,
is it your hat,

The Price!

whats the price of being you,

the price is, if everything
went wrong you say'it's my fault',

A Wisdom Of A Little Girl...........

her mom told her to stay,
they won't understand if you went alone,
But she wanted to go,
she knew what to say,

2nd Chance

second chance,

can't find them easily,
but if we found it,

The Verb 'Love'

Your big love that fills my heart,
one beat my heart cannot do
Love Has a different meaning to you
Love is the blood that comes through your veins

The Silent One, Is The Wise One

talkative you were
silence covers you now
Why is that? ! ,
The talks people say

For You♥

For you
i would die
Life, is you
there is no meaning

Hiding Behind The Tears Of A Clown☺

Smiling is all i do
laughing i want to do
sad face is underneath
crying i can hold

Non Believer...........

You are my everything in life
You made me appreciate life more and more
And i had you for years
As years fly by