Ezediuno Louis Odinakaose

The Pricker - Poem by Ezediuno Louis Odinakaose

There is a prickly rose I found
I found her under the April moon
In a garden of many flowers
I loved her most
I loved her alone
Among all the flowers in the garden
I want to want her alone
But God shes so prickly
God shes so prickly
Shes so prickly
'What hurts a kid most?
Is when the toy he loves most
Becomes broken right in his hand
What hurts a man most?
Is when he cant get it right
Even when he's doing his best..
Dont let a man cry o'er you
*every drop of his tears
Contains the tenderness of his heart
If he drains out
Only a solid rock is left in him
An emotionless beast you create.
This rose has a tender touch,
Petals white, pure
Like the meaning of white wedding gown
To a virgin maiden
I would live forever just to feel that touch
She smells so sweet like hormone,
Like Aphrodite
I would live just for a day To smell her
Than a thousand years the other way.
Butterflies, bees, and others are her
constant guest
But to none she gives her nectar.
For a woman she has a beautiful mind But she is but a rose.
How I want to care for her
But she pricks me it hurts
I want to understand her
Her pureness says
I have nothing hidden
But she is still a mystery.
I would feed her my essence
But she sees no value
Or so it seems to me.
Recently she pricked many times over
Am hurt My
finders bleed
My heart cries
But I love this rose so much
But now at a distance I stand
With bleeding hands
*And a tearful heart
My tenderness draining with every drop of tear
All I want is to love and care for this rose
And all I want in return is for her to appreciate it

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jus anoda pain...

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