The Promise Of What You Can Be Poem by Bryan Norton

The Promise Of What You Can Be

If the promptings in you are the works that you do
And you trust in the Word that is free
Then you live by the light, and you do what is right
For the sake of a world family

You may question your worth and the good of your birth
Or the views of such people as me
But the vision is true, and the good is in you
If you trust in the one you can be

For the love in your heart is a good place to start
When you strive to be honest and true
You will pass up the worst in a race to be first
In the faith of the humble and few

In the heat of the night you will put up a fight
In defense of the cause that you serve
But you never stay down with a permanent frown
If they throw you a strike or a curve

You will run with the best and be up for the test
Of the hardships that plague you the most
But you never will hide, as you take them in stride
With a smile instead of a boast

You are patient and kind, like the others you find
In the faces who want you to win
For they love you and more, they will help you to soar
When you suffer the anguish of sin

There is love all around, but the future is found
In the blessings of God and His Son
For the person you'll see, is the one you can be
When the sheep and the shepherd are one

You may fall by the way in the heat of the day
For the dearth of a lake or a tree
But the way is assured by the truth of His Word
And the promise of what you can be.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life,love
Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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