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From calm and quiet sanity
The source of my confusion
Brought riot to reality
And force behind delusion

For miles and miles of mindless devotion
I wander this earth with one single emotion
In search of the answer to appetite sweet
And to rest on the crest when my life is complete

What I can be has always been a part of me
A part of the heart that I never set free
Concealed in time like a distant memory
The person that I am still waiting to be

The past reveals who I am
But not what others see
I paid for every promise made
The consequence came free

I want to write a poem, she said
To share what I might say
To give my views on how to live
A new and better way

Honestly, I love the way I feel when you're with me
Especially, the way you hug and kiss so tenderly
Truthfully, I tell you now and for eternity
I will hold and keep you near me, in my loving heart eternally

Sometimes in the evening I gaze at the sky
I ponder the moon and the stars way up high
They sparkle and shine like a diamond-filled sea
But which little star shines for me?

Sometimes, in the dead of night
When all our fast asleep
We are startled awake by a loud and pernicious
Rapping sound, a bang bang banging sound

To CARE for ONE and ALL.

To love ONESELF and OTHERS too,

Hello my dear Father and Mother
From your distant but still loving son
I am pleased that you're reading this letter
And for all the good deeds you have done

There's a notion you have, that a poem should be good
And the way that you write, is a fight, understood
So you think to yourself, and you write, as you would
In a poem.

If I should write a poem, my last
To celebrate my death
My cause would be, the common man
His life, his love, his breath

There was a woman named Valerie
Who stayed at home with family
She never made a brand new start
Or had to heal a broken heart

You know, my sweet lady, I truly do say
That your love completes me in every way
You lead with a touch that is gentle and free
By which you inspire the best I can be

My favorite things are the leaves of a tree
Which dance in the breeze as they flicker and flee
In the heat of the day their shade beckons me
And the shadows they cast sweep the grass silently


I climbed a rocky hill one day
To conquer each gradation
My will became the strongest way
To match determination

The poet is a lonely heart
A beggar with a clue
A pauper with a portly point of view
He joins the feast without a beast

When I was but a youngster
A poem was just a poem
A little rhyme for little people too
I learned a new perspective

Congratulations, Kerstyn, as you celebrate this hour
When you are called to be a mom and have a baby shower
The little boy that grows within will be here very soon
And on the day that he is born your heart will skip the moon

O Lord, my God, my strength in all my trials
In every walk, thy voice has been my guide
When I am weak, and most in need of comfort
Inside me still, thy spirit doth abide

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From Calm And Quiet Sanity

From calm and quiet sanity
The source of my confusion
Brought riot to reality
And force behind delusion

Assaulting me and leaving me
In silent desperation
Affronting my humanity
Inside this degradation

What unseen force maliciously
Devoid of good intention
Is crushing me perniciously
In thoughts of my invention

Binding me with indecision's
Deepening despair
Blinding me with visions
Of a world that isn't there

The shackles of this grand design
Are chains I cannot see
And yet they check this life of mine
Through false reality

In crushing weight of hopelessness
I suffer silently
A victim of this mind mess
Some might call insanity

Some struggle for the right to live
While others live to die
Or battle through the night to give
Some meaning to the lie

The mystery they can't reveal
Is one with no solution
How can I know if life is real
Or really an illusion?

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Real romance is the way you treat each other when the thrill of love wears off.

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