What I Can Be Poem by Bryan Norton

What I Can Be

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What I can be has always been a part of me
A part of the heart that I never set free
Concealed in time like a distant memory
The person that I am still waiting to be

Like a beautiful dream that is lost to a scream
Or a sad little cloud on a low-pressure stream
Like the gentle morning dew that retreats with a sigh
When the sun sits supreme at the top of the sky

What I can be is someone who I never was before
Somebody who will love me and will like me even more
Somebody strong to lift me up when I begin to tire
A friend to fill my empty cup and set my heart on fire

Upon the tallest mountain peak the day is bright and clear
A place of peace and harmony and courage more than fear
Where every view is like a vision of the one I need to be
Who looks for good in everyone instead of back at me

What I can be is everything I look for every day
For kindness from the ones I meet in deeds and what they say
How strange it is that we admire a person's shadow shown
And overlook the one inside, the real one unknown

In every man and woman is someone who we can't see
And yet we know that everyone is much like you and me
So be a friend to someone who no one is thinking of
What I can be is someone who will take the time to love.

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational,love and life
Laurie Van Der Hart 05 January 2017

Bryan, this is such a lovely, thought-provoking poem! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. You have inspired me to strive to be the person that I am still waiting to be.. Very well written.

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Yehualashet Teshome 16 April 2020

A great and insightful poem. Thank you

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A B FANIKI 07 October 2019


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Dr Antony Theodore 22 August 2018

deeds of kindness, admiring others, inspiring others, take time to l ove others.. a friend to set my heart on fire. all lovely points that you are elucidating dear poet. thank u very much. tony

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 02 July 2018

Truly inspiration write... I'll like to read it when am faced with life's tribulations in this life's marathon and trials. Elegantly written artwork.10+++

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Tom Allport 28 April 2017

a positively good poem of what can be if we look closely enough to actually see one another in a different light? ....................well written.

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Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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