The Purveyors Of A Crucially Morally Bankrupt, Industrial Complex Warfare System! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

The Purveyors Of A Crucially Morally Bankrupt, Industrial Complex Warfare System!

By Stanley Collymore

These people natural behaviour, both
collectively as well as individually,
indicates that the acquisition
of material wealth and distinctively also
its unquestionably superficial trappings
instinctively aptly take precedence with
them over conducting themselves truly
honourably; and obviously significantly
with dignity and irrefutable impartiality.
Crucially assuming of course that they
unquestionably discernibly know what
these specific qualities essentially are
in the first place; and evidently, just as
crucially in the unlikely possibility that
they did, exactly how to actually apply
them clearly constructively in the first
place, rather discernibly for all to see!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
9 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
It's patently obvious that there evidently considerable numbers of people in this world, and not simply the already quite discernibly rich, that clearly regardless of how much money one makes and as well the obviously honest, or unsavoury circumstances by which it is essentially acquired, the possessor of such wealth will inevitably like everyone actually die one day, and crucially cannot take such wealth with them!

Furthermore, there's quite obviously no cast iron guarantee that in leaving such massive sums of money in clearly trust funds or off-shore accounts to all those that you basically significantly favoured most during your own lifetime, that they will automatically benefit as you simply wanted. Since, the subsequent upsurge of a future reactionary government that quite specifically is actually opposed to what your sort stand for could very well seize such wealth clearly for the actual, general benefit of the entire country rather than allow it to be used exclusively for the benefit of spoilt, over-indulged and self-entitled inherited losers; or basically a people's revolution could literally do the same. Have you avaricious numbskulls ever thought of that?

Furthermore, with the quite transparent technological advancement in warfare, which if an all-out war were to ever take place would quite undoubtedly be a nuclear affair, what's the actual point of acquiring or having such massive wealth if no one, or very few people indeed, were actually around? Or are you discernibly selfish and totally avaricious cowards only concerned with the kinds of wars you love to instigate in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, for example; where only massive millions of indigenous non-whites along with your own respective countries' customary cannon fodder are directly affected and naturally die, and discernibly not the perceived elites like yourselves.

Quite sensibly food for thought, I would imagine!

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