Christopher Cofield

The Rant - Poem by Christopher Cofield

like the rest of the sheep
I’ll make money my God
pass by the homeless
give a sigh and a nod

pretend that I care
understand their pain
with no feeling at all
a life that’s empty and lame

but yet on the surface
I’ll look neat and clean
play out every moment
like a Hollywood scene

because that’s what it takes
to make it in this world
be in love with a boy
but go on and marry a girl

the truth has been murdered
and reality’s dead
I know that to be real
like the pain in my head

I once was a soldier
steadfast in the fight
but the darkness has come
and extinguished the light

my armor and courage
have been battered and torn
my eyes have been opened
and my soul's been reborn

I now see the way
how the world really works
there’s no love or honor
it’s all run by jerks

we saps are the ones
that cling to truth and faith
and haven’t a clue
it’s already too late

you cannot make changes
there was no New Deal
lies, greed and corruption
only these things are real

not only in government
not just at the job
with eyes wide open
can’t you see you were robbed

it’s settled in churches
in your very home
check the man in the mirror
not the Pope in Rome

you have to account
for deeds done and words said
you think it’s all so easy
once you’re gone and dead

some blame their youth
and how they were raised
the appropriate excuse
of most people these days

nobody’s parents
were perfect at all
the hand has been dealt
and the pot’s very small

the world is an oyster
and your life is a gem
get past the thoughts
of us and them

stand on your own
and choose what is right
you have this one chance
to live an honorable life

stand up and be counted
before it’s too late
don’t blame the Creator
or the hand of fate

you did this to you
and dropped the ball
look and see the pattern
before the dominoes fall

every choice we make
is a path we choose
some roads lead to a win
on some you will lose

everyday you’re given
is a brand new start
it’s up to you
to open your heart

let go of your past
see what you have in hand
because nobody but you
can lead your one man band

you keep making excuses
for things you’ve not done
well the race is long over
and it can’t be re-run

mommy and daddy
can’t help anymore
it’s not in a blog
or at the mega store

use your common sense
your own two good hands
you’ve got to work hard
to be a strong woman or man

this world owes you nothing
because it was here first
you might get a little soiled
so just brush off the dirt

look into your soul
and follow what is right
just before dawn
is the darkest part of night

come on and stand up
you’ve laid down too long
lift your head high
be tall and strong

if you feel that you’re done
and your existence is at stake
remember you’re stronger than that
you’ve come too far to break

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  • Kelly Kurt (3/20/2015 2:47:00 PM)

    A rant indeed, but valid. Thank you for sharing. (Report) Reply

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