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It requires little more than a glance
To notice I don't fit in my pants
My name rhymes with jelly
But I, with large belly

The worst example I've seen so far
Stupidity beyond any par
An unexpected sneeze
Dislodged Donald Trump's keys

Though this is a leap year
Is perfectly placed
March is that much closer

You were around other people today
I wasn't
Usually by incidental lifestyle
Now by intent


Hurtling through space at unfathomable speed
A comet appears as a stationary blur
The naked eye discerns it this way
Hurtling through life at unfathomable rates

Remember when you weren't an old
Opinionated jerk
The times you cited the absurd
As evidence

The law only matters
If it is enforced
If it is done so equally

To date
I have never been black
I'm not sure which is more restrictive
But I also have not been female

This isn't some 'end-time' bullshit
This is not punishment for being human
From some infantile, imaginary deity
It's a reminder of reality

Cashiers greet me the way they always have
I just can't see their smiles
I put out my garbage on Sunday night
When I wake up, it's gone

It spreads
Coughing and sneezing, not vectors
Dogma, ideology, ignorance
Selfishness, stupidity

Still at This Time

The way that you go about
Trying to know about

The Europeans that came here
In the first four-hundred years since North America's 'discovery'
Were immigrants to an already occupied land
In short course they laid waste

Kelly Kurt Biography

Born in the late twelfth century on the island now named Svalbard, Mr. Kurt invented the word, pudding. In his youth he would travel the world in a dinghy looking for things beginning with the letter H. He found none. At the age of 30, during his blue period, he would repeatedly hold his breath for between three and four minutes, while sitting on icebergs. By forty-five, the now gangrenous poet to be, had grown to over fifteen feet tall and could telepathically communicate with lichen. In the year 1209, while staying at a cheap motel, he was bitten over a million times by radio-active bed bugs, and was inspired to write his now completely unknown trilogy of books: Um.... something to do with bed bugs I'm guessing. But maybe not. After his first funeral in 1212, he committed suicide every other day for six years until writing his epic poem: " Soap dish" in which he compared the letter J to a soap dish for some reason. Nearly eight hundred years passed before he would pick up a pen again and write the sequel to the Bible called, " The Bobble" . Today Mr. Kurt is a semi porous wall sconce and stains amnesia buttons.)

The Best Poem Of Kelly Kurt

Self Deprecation (Limerick)

It requires little more than a glance
To notice I don't fit in my pants
My name rhymes with jelly
But I, with large belly
Enjoy a laugh at my own expanse

Kelly Kurt Comments

Michael Joseph 21 April 2016

I will be back, I am sure. Thanks Kelly! !

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Michael Joseph 21 April 2016

With the 2nd highest amount of points here, I fail to see why he is not on the most popular poet or member list on the home page.

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Michael Joseph 21 April 2016

Kelly gives back to this community. He answers every comment made, reads more poems and comments on them and rates and encourages all poets, young and old

24 97 Reply
Michael Joseph 21 April 2016

No other poet on this site has ever written so well but been so humble

23 98 Reply
Bri Edwards 21 May 2016

One of my favorite poets, even though he may live in a church! !

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Dimitrios Galanis 18 January 2020

Where are your other poems of yours Kelly?

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Mark Meck 28 October 2019

lovely and exciting piece of written art.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 August 2019

Kelly Kurt is a very nice poet of outstanding nature and very good friend of ours. We love to read his poems always and through his excellent Limerick he gives us large smiling and happiness. We get unlimited fun from his Limericks. We remember him always because he is a true poetic friend. Instead of his busy schedule he writes beautiful poems.

3 4 Reply
Bri Edwards 19 June 2019

been here. read this. on to new heights! ! !

4 2 Reply
Fatso Dirge 29 May 2019

This fella has no idea about poetry. Just like all others on this site.

5 11 Reply

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Be Good, Be Smart, Be Happy

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