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The River Of Rivers In Connecticut

Rating: 4.1

There is a great river this side of Stygia
Before one comes to the first black cataracts
And trees that lack the intelligence of trees.

In that river, far this side of Stygia,
The mere flowing of the water is a gayety,
Flashing and flashing in the sun. On its banks,

No shadow walks. The river is fateful,
Like the last one. But there is no ferryman.

He could not bend against its propelling force.
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Raymond Farrell 02 May 2015

Whoever gave this a 1 should take up reading comic books.

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Gary Witt 26 December 2009

There is a typo in line 15, which should read, 'Call it, once more...' On a literal level, if I understand things correctly, Haddam is on the Connecticut River. Farmington, appropriately enough, is on the Farmington River, which meanders east and empties into the Connecticut River. So the Farmington steeple is actually on a tributary to the Connecticut. Also, the Connecticut River is tidal for about sixty miles in from Long Island Sound. So, for those sixty miles, I suppose one could say that it flows nowhere, like the sea. I wholeheartedly agree with the assessment by Messrs Howard and Palmer. -G

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Robert Howard 16 September 2006

My guess is that the '1' giver will not be walking out on stage to receive his/her Pulitzer Prize any time soon.

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Lamont Palmer 04 June 2005

Whoever gave this a 1, obviously doesnt know poetry of beauty and depth.

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