The Road Travelled.. Poem by Raj Barath

The Road Travelled..

(In the dusk of school life..)

Breathing freedom with peace,
Gaining stardom at ease,
Walking beneath banyan trees,
Tuning the humming breeze,
Ceasing not to share a piece,
We all lived, but one life that never did freeze.
After striding on a single road,
Often acclaimed as joy’s abode,
Now we all halt for a sword
To slice our road,
Making a displacement node.
The trunk road is branched,
Branched, branched and branched.
Opening new vistas but paralyzing our legs.
Was our journey all the more joyful
Only to reach such a lap, sadly soulful?
Our life with the world, here, begins
Where a world with life is in ruins.

At times the road travelled is more beautiful
Than the destination reached…

Sidi Mahtrow 15 September 2011

Or, it could be The road less traveled for you or me A road that avoids the bitter aspects That are really not necessary, one suspects. For on the road less traveled in life's journey The dusty footsteps of others quickly flee Swept by the winds of change As the world suffers birthing pangs Bringing forth new to replace the old Without a thought of is it pyrite or is it gold But as one travels this other road in to the end One soon finds that there are rewards without end. For here on this road less traveled are Others who share the same thoughts about who we are And where we are going, and at such a pace, To find minerva's home (is there such a place?)

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Raj Barath

Raj Barath

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