Freedom Poem by Raj Barath


Callous captivation culminated
Freedom’s wings well fluttered
Yet strands still legated
Its legs to the cage, dilapidated.
Cages weren’t thoroughly opened
But just a bit enlarged
For captivations era had no closure
And to the existing enclosure an annexure.
Cages of terrorism rocks the wrecked

And freedom soothes the wicked.
It has just fuelled the cinders ablaze
Thinking it would char the haze
But it did manage to slog
Only to ashen the hour with smog.
Coveting this freedom that horror kills

Coveting eagle in dove’s quills
Chicks lay dormant in shells
While vultures and eagles on hills
Wait for incubation to cease
To gorge the chicks with ease.
The chicks’ bait is their free flight
For eagles might to herald the chicks’ plight.
Looking at this horrendous sight
Truth proclaims freedom is gimmick
For many lanes mimic
The route to freedom and head to panic.
When legislation seeks your safety
Your notion feels it is nasty.
If you decline to shun your fury
And dare to breach the jury
To emerge from the castle unarmoured
And descend to the earth untutored,

Vultures and eagles would taste
Your flesh and blood in haste.
Let your penchant for freedom
Not make your living humdrum.
Let the eagles search in vain
To slain you with blood stain.

Let the uncultured vultures
Get interred in sepulchers.
Let no man be cornered
By men unlike the mannered
For our race to be bannered
As that which in honoured.

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