Ode To My Friend.. Poem by Raj Barath

Ode To My Friend..

(A King’s blame on Queen for traitoring his friend’s death)

Kingdoms shared, boredom marred,
Friendship bloomed & seldom gloomed.
Our pomp & glory slew the dreary,
While our arrows marched against the eerie.
That’s a synergy exclaimed the commons
With petty wagons quivering on seeing our canons.
My voice was reverberated by his & his by mine,
My mirror showed but his image,
We both lived but 1 life,
Until there intruded my wife.

Now you lie bleeding my blood
For my arrow pierced which from U’r bow fled.
I repent for I was insolent,
Severing my love that was ardent.
Even u’r blood embraces my soil
While my arrow still poisons u’r corpse.

Let my swain be slew
For she capsized our friendship.
I did wed but in hell
& hence my life fell in the pit of envy
That would ever brim with ennui.
Let her corpse drown in moon
For none wants to do mourn.
Oops! Not in moon
For it would reflect light of Sun
Infested by her whom I shun.

All these years of married life
Ceased but in a strife.
Foe turns friend, that’s mundane
Friend turns foe, that’s insane.

Baffled is the mob
For my eye whose flash did rob
The valor of a million
Who were made, a de facto battalion
Does sob
For my pal did depart
As our intimacy drove apart.

Oh! My lord, fetch my sword
and chop my head.
Let my crown bow his toe
& let me cease to be his foe.
Let’s rest but in one pit.
Eternal be the blaze he lit
To enlighten my afterlife,
In heaven but hell
For all nonsense I did spill.
Oh! My lord blend our spirits
At least until I reach the hell
and he proceeds to heaven.

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