Javad O'Jaghi

The Rushing Time - Poem by Javad O'Jaghi

What makes you think you are right?
What makes you think you're alright?
What even gives you this right?
To just leave me when you want

Not even once you looked back
Not even a word you took back
Not even once you sat back
To let me take all my mistakes back

Why do you give me such shame?
Why do you give me such blame?
Of not doing when I could
Of not being when I should

Wicked of a lad you are
Wasted, wanted is what you are
Not only me you got whacked
Not only me you left back

Always on the fast lane
Always rushing all the way
Where is it that you want to go?
When is it that you want to show?

I rush. You rush. We all rush.
I do...not to fall behind, so I rush
What is it for you to rush?
What for? Really? What's the rush?

Maybe eager to show me
Maybe wanting to know me
What I'll be
What you want me to be

I know you're the rushing time
For best, worst.. you're the rushing time!
The turtle I am I love
The happy crawl I got I love

Let me be with my pace
Let me be, let's not race
Join this plodding of mine
Join and maybe you see it fine

17 October 2014

Topic(s) of this poem: leaving

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