The Salt Mines Of Krakow Poem by Sylvia Chidi

The Salt Mines Of Krakow

In awe I bow and bow
To the salt mines of Krakow
I prayed to God for a miracle
Days later when I had forgotten
My life changed with a reset button
My new clothes are all made of cotton
And off I went to a land called Poland

Far down below earth, where salt grows
Are the famous salt mines of Krakow
Where a salty history flows
I have been long on the road
With a little baggage as my load

The large city wore an entire salty gown
I marvelled as I walked 65 kilometres down
Like a clown, I was seeking salty frowns
Admiring salt walls - white, black and brown
Once here some soldiers drowned
They worked and lived in this salty town

And we were in Southern Poland
The town of Wielickzka was the land
309 kilometres below the World, quite wide
With salty lakes that had no windy tides
Where Poland once mass produced sodium chloride
Even man had challenged the unforeseeable force
I saw thousands of salt sculptures made in due course

The salty mines of Krakow I discovered through tunnels
The 17th century Baroque Saint Anthony Chapel struck my bell
Now Poland is a tourist nation
Educating the tourist population

Salt Salt Salt
Left right and centre
Salt Salt Salt
Backward and Forward
And now I must say goodbye
To the salt mines of Krakow

Copyright 2020 Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Sunday, February 16, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: salt
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