The Scent Of His Depart' Poem by Sumira Sarai

The Scent Of His Depart'

Let my deepness set in...
As I free write in heat....
I drown in my tears....
When a break down gets to me...

Times are hard in this recession, Also'
I must cope with this thought....
The scent of his depart...
Came swift & fast,
Life’s thunder....
Is storming with mass'

Let go of My Love
He, I have long been let go
I see you above him
For your potential just glows

The scent of his depart...
As I lay alone in the dark....

One thing after another….
How can this be? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Sooo much potential….
Is now out of my reach'
I guess I found you to late?
Or you flew away to soon,
If you were here, O’er
I would heal your deep wounds'

Don’t worri about my past,
For im looking for you,
Lost is my heart3
Its set drift to sea....
From my past heartache,
I crumbled indeed'

I walk in the miles....
Of the barren lands that I kno....
I kno to much....
My mind has set a roam....

Please tell me
The tides of your real
Can heal my heart3
From the oceans of wrath rage'
Broken with no,
Sign to be healed, Well at least not today'

The scent of his depart
A sign of his return? ? ?
When will that be? ? ?
I yearn to kno much more……

But no answers indeed'

The rapids of incarceration'
Are racing sooo fast,
The scent of his depart...
I now yearn for his hands....

I been thru this once
I said never again

The scent of his depart
Made me eat my words
Yet again

For his potential...
Shines its way in...
I refuse to cry...
For that would be to soon...

The reflection of my death
Makes me cry not
I am sooo strong
And in touch are my thoughts

As his depart sets in….
I reflect on My Love
No longer I yearn him
For I’ve been had enough

As the scent of your return lingers,
Don’t cast judgment on this...
I guess im trying? ? ?
To forget that part of my life? ? ?

Im alreadi over it
I been there, And back
No longer I yearn
For he to love I

Now in my sight
Is looking into your eyes
I see potential………
What can I say? ? ?

The scent of his return….
I pray for this day,

The scent of his depart,
And my minds in dismay,

Under the moon,
I yearn for....
His return to be soon....
But I’ll keep my head up…..
As you said bay3
The scent of your return.....
I yearn for today…..

Sumira Sarai

Sumira Sarai

Inkster, Michigan
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