The Season Of Love Poem by Febini M Joseph

The Season Of Love

I don't need love to be a season in my garden,
A fleeting moment of joy, soon forgotten.
But I need love to be the only season in my garden,
An ever-present force that keeps on blossoming.
I want to feel its warmth on my skin,
As the sun rises and sets each day.
I want to hear its melody in the wind,
As it gently rustles the leaves on the trees.
I want to see its beauty in the flowers,
As they bloom and fade with each passing hour.
I want to taste its sweetness in the fruits,
As they ripen and fall to the ground.
I want to breathe in its fragrance,
As it fills the air with its divine essence.
I want to feel its gentle touch,
As it caresses my soul with its loving presence.
For love is not just a passing phase,
But a constant state of being.
It is the foundation of all that is,
The very essence of our existence.
So let love be the only season in my garden,
The eternal flame that burns bright and true.
For with love as my guide and my companion,
There is nothing in this world I cannot do.

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