The Shoes Stranger At Marikiti Market Poem by Collins Gachomo

The Shoes Stranger At Marikiti Market

One day at a beauty shop,
I met a man selling bikini,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some vodka martini.

'Got any vodka martini? ' asked I.
'For that's how I'll spend my money.'
'No vodka martini here! ' said the guy.
He seemed to find it quite funny.

'We've got some lovely shoe,
I'll give you a very fine price.'
'I'd rather have some queue.'
The man blinked rapidly thrice.

The man seemed exceptionally dress,
And his manner was strangely amused.
He wasn't what I would call express,
Great disdain he noticeably oozed.

Like others, he thought I was odd,
Some say I'm a bit shoes.
Still he gave me a courteous nod,
As if he thought I was plenty diffuse.

So in search of my goal I departed,
But before the beauty shop could I leave,
The man came running full-hearted,
'I can help you I believe.'

'Bikini, vodka martini, you shall find.
Shoe, queue, you can get.
You must now open your mind,
And get down to marikiti Market.

So to marikiti Market I decided to go,
In search of the vodka martini I craved.
The winds it did eerily blow.
But I felt that the day could be saved.

There were stalls selling pants,
Crop tops in many shades.
There were even stalls selling nantes
People were scattered from many trades

I was greeted by a peculiar lady,
She seemed to be rather amused
I couldn't help thinking she might be quite shady.
I wondered if she was at all diffused.

Before I could open my mouth,
She shouted, 'For you, I have some vodka martini! '
I headed towards her, to the south,
Past some shoe and bikini.

'But how did you know? ' I asked,
'Do you want them or not? ' she did say.
Silently, the vodka martini she passed.
Then vanished before I could pay.

As I walked away I hard a crackle
Or was it, perhaps, a hushed cackle?

The Shoes Stranger At Marikiti Market
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