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The Show

Rating: 5.0

There is more to me then meets the eye and of course there is that one special guy. You know that guy that makes you wanna kiss the sky and when he leaves you feel as if your going to die. That aint all I aint done its more then just pulling the trigger on the gun its all the emotional shit that happens after you look around and everything starts happening faster and faster the adrenalin rushes just as you think it cant get no fast it all comes to a sudden stop you look in the mirror and the person looking back says I’m your master the tears and blood hit the floor you look at the door it starts to open and your just hopin it aint your parents walking in you watch the door knob spin the door opens its all your hopes and ambitions and your sittin there wishin all this wouldn’t have happened and you think back and start laughin you think to yourself this is all his fault how did I let this happen why didn’t I take action when I had the chance that one night at the dance maybe if something would have happened different I wouldn’t have fallin so hard I know I shouldn’t have let down my guard but he was just so sweet we were bound to meet then when he had me right where he wanted me he decided to flee and that’s why I’m writing this poem just to show him I’m still in the game after all this shit didn’t even need the first aid kit just thought I’d let you know by the way hope you enjoyed the show

Wandering Scarlet 16 January 2009

daymm out of breath now... lol u need periods im nost sure what to say about this, considering it would mean i am basically commenting on your personal life, but uhhh good for you! :) ROCCO

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