Bill Simmons

The Sparrow And The Mocking Bird

Poem by Bill Simmons

The sparrow told the mocking bird
You can fly fast I have heard
But I'm much faster than you
Just watch and you will see

He flew up high through the trees
Through the branches and the leaves
And high up in the air
Said look at me

The mocking bird sat on his branch
Was not impressed by the dance
As the sparrow flew by
He was not suprised

The little bird sang his song
And chirped as he flew along
And landed on a branch
Near his friend

Did you see how fast I can go
I flew between the branches too
I'm faster than the wind I told you so
Did you watch, did you see what I can do

The mocking bird sat silently
And pecked at an ant crawling on his feet
Never a word was said
He just rustled the feathers on his head

The sparrow said, I know what I'll do
I'll fly fast and as high as the moon
And with out a single care he flew straight up in the air
The mocking bird he watched but stayed there

Then the little bird caught by suprise
All alone, It was a hawk in open skies
The little bird knew he wouldn't live this thru
But he flew as fast as he could fly

The little bird used every ounce of skill
The hawk getting close was closing in for his kill
Tired and weak the sparrow closed his eyes
He knew in the next instant he would die

Then suddenly from overhead
Came a cry like he had never heard
The hawk was being attacked on his head
The sparrow knew, it was the mocking bird

Confused and dazed the hawk flew away
The life of the sparrow had been saved
They flew back to the branches of their tree
And the little sparrow was ever so relieved

The mocking bird returned back to his branch
He cleared his throat and then began to sing
And the song he sang, the words that he used
Would forever in the sparrows heart ring

You don't have to be better than I
You don't have to show how fast you fly
All you have to do if you want to be my friend
My friend, is simply survive.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 12, 2004