The Soldier Poem by Bill Simmons

The Soldier

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As the silence fell, the birds began to sing
The soldier tries to stand on his own
As the blood trickles down his arm he looks and he see's
As he stands, he finds he's all alone

His friends are all about him at his feet
The enemy has perished from the seige
From the field of battle he searches the fields and trees
With a sigh of relief he drops down to one knee

With one good hand he fumbles his radio
Must get command on line, must let them know
He hears a voice on line that says Bravo twenty three
Report your twenty and status would you please

The soldier leans his back against a tree
And streaches out before him his tired feet
He says, Sir, the positions held, it is ours to keep
Defended now by one beneath this tree

The voice it says that help is on the way
The soldier hesitates, as a breath he takes
Across his legs he lays his rifle down
Chambers a round, then comes back to say

Sir, I see a dozen men they come
I'll try to hold this ground but I'm just one
I'll try to hold them back, but I don't think I may
When you come Sir, Please, pray my soul to take

When the help it came they found beneath the tree
The young man in his twentys no longer breathed
And out before him scattered on the ground
Were a dozen men, dead enemy were found

The Captain he walks up to the tree
The soldier's hand was warm he finds heartbeat
He said men if you can, you must try to save this man
And they did, for this soldier he was me.

Donna Nimmo 19 November 2006

Wonderful description of the soldier. A very moving poem. Thank You, Sincerely Donna

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