The Stay At Home Mom Poem by Nicole Cappellino

The Stay At Home Mom

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The firefighter was my husband and he was of the best.
He was great, he was loved and I was truly blessed.
I was a stay at home mom who took care of our infants.
Who got great gifts and felt so loved every day and more for birthdays and christmas.

On a gloomy day as I walked through my house I received a phone call and fell quiet as a mouse.
My heart sank to my chest and dropped my phone to the floor and shed tears of despair.
for my Husband named Tom has died and I did not know if I could bare.
Tom was a firefighter from new york state we had three children,
Whonever expected their father's fate.

My Mother came right over after I told her the news
We told her what happened she asked as I was feeling the blues.
As we buried my husband the children cried and cried,
and I decided to turn to a bottle of wine.

Taking my children to school was the worst part of my day.
For I really loved our days full of play.
We painted and colored and danced day after day.
Jamie strikingly resembled his father and Addison had his lips.
Little Marie was to occupied playing with battleships.

But then came the times where my kids set a spot on the table for their dad on national holidays.
Pizza, ramen and take out chinese was the only things on our table for while.
It was the only thing I could offer without going near a stove and trying to keep a smile.
As my son Jamie grew up he became the man of the house.
We could no longer afford our large home and Jamie got a job at a warehouse.

I could not get a job for I was a single stay at home mom.
Who could barely afford three dollar lip balm.
Addison is now 23 Jamie is 27 and little Marie is no longer little.
And our hearts are no longer brittle.
We learned to be strong and how to survive.
Our family is of fighters who have learned how to strive.

I am now 60 and miss the days with my children when they were infants.
For now my birds have left the nest, but it's almost like I can hear Tom in the distance.
"Stay at home Ella and be with the children i'll get a job and we will need no assistance."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: alcohol,death,drinking,father,mom
Weldon Davis 14 January 2016

Sorry for your loss I enjoyed your narrative! ! ...

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Nicole Cappellino 14 January 2016

Its not a true story! ! Im only fifteen! !

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Soul Watcher 14 January 2016

Unfortunately, these days can never come back again Well done!

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