The Storms Of Life Poem by Royston Allen

The Storms Of Life

Sometimes sad things happen in our life
they flare up suddenly and cause us strife.
The barriers that we put up against the flow
break down in floods of tears and sorrow.

Troubles fall like raindrops pelting down
welling into a flood in which we might drown.
We do our utmost to cope with the strain
but so many hurts cause our soul much pain.

Like in storms the raindrops seem really huge
and they gather into an irresistible deluge.
They test the fortitude of our minds defence
and when they burst through the pain's intense.

As we lay in bed in the early hours of the day
we cannot withstand them to our dismay.
They come crashing in like a forceful torrent
causing tears to flow out of us as we lament.

We cry out in anguish great sobs of sorrow
at the pain that comes as we work them through.
Our hearts despair at the turmoil that they bring
overwhelmed, we feel unable to do anything.

We become less resistant as the years go by
unable to withstand them and we wonder why
our human frailty is being tested to this extent
straining under the weight of our predicament.

We feel the deep hurt and the pain they bring
and would rather live in a world of no suffering.
They add to the burden of each passing day
and we would that they were banished away.

Sorrows well up from deep within our soul
as the anguish and suffering takes it toll.
It reminds us of the great 'Man of Sorrows'
who feels all our heartache, pains and woes.

'Come to me Oh weary one' Jesus said
'lay down your burdens at my feet instead.
For My yoke is easy and My burden is light
you'll find rest for your soul, it will be alright.'

We rise up from our bed of pain and gloom
and find our way to that blessed upper room.
There we sit at the feet of the Lord and cry out
wondering what these sufferings are all about.

We lay our burdens down at His feet there
knowing He understands, we rest in His care.
Then we pour out our soul and to Him reveal
the deep sorrow and the sadness that we feel.

The storm subsides and the sorrows cease
as He brings to our soul that heavenly peace
and the healing balm that only He can bring
permeates into the depths of our inner being.

We feel Him lifting us out of our despair
as we rest in the sanctity of His presence there.
We look up and gaze into His wonderful face
and feel deep healing of our soul taking place.

His arms enfold us in His love and we can sense
the preciousness of His wonderful presence.
We rest awhile held in His loving embrace
as peace returns and deep healing takes place.

The sorrows of the world will always be here
they dog our steps and will not just disappear.
But with the Lord these troubles do not defeat
because we can lay them there at His blessed feet.

But this earthly life we live will not always be
and a time will come when our soul is set free.
And in that heavenly kingdom where Christ reigns
God Himself will remove our tears and pains.

No death, no sorrow and no pain shall endure
and these earthly sorrows will plaque us no more.
They will be replaced by heavenly joy and love
as we stand in the presence of our Lord above.

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: sorrow
Written in the wake of the storms of 20th July 2007
and capturing a passing storm in my life.
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