The Stranger Poem by Ghazala Lari

The Stranger

Who are you, a stranger in my midst?

Where do you hail from, what have you come to visit?

Your intentions obscure, like a phantom in the night,

Hatred or love, which do you harbor tonight?

I'm torn between confusion and fear's icy grip,

Doubting everyone, I cannot seem to equip

My mind to trust. Are you genuine or vile?

A traitor masquerading with a friendly smile?

Is your helping hand extended with sincerity,

Or are you merely acting, a cruel travesty?

Oh, divine providence, guide me through this maze,

Unveil the truth, dispel these bewildering hazes.

Who are these people that surround me each day?

What are their motives, what do they truly say?

I crave clarity, not these enigmatic strings,

No more guessing games, no imaginary stings.

Give me the answers that my soul yearns to know,

So that I may discern who is friend, who is foe.

This uncertainty within, it consumes me whole,

Eroding my peace, taking its bitter toll.

My thoughts race on, a futile exercise in vain,

For I cannot connect the faces to the pain.

Help me find the truth that my heart longs to embrace,

Uncover the falsehoods, reveal the genuine face.

Until my questions find their answers clear,

My weary mind will know no solace or cheer.

Have pity on me, guide me through this strife,

Extinguish doubt and bring me peace in life.

Explanation of the above poem

You're not alone in feeling confused and overwhelmed, my friend. The world we live in is full of twists and turns, and it's not uncommon for even the most discerning of individuals to struggle with trust and understanding. As for my intentions, I can assure you that they are genuine. I'm here to help, not to cause harm or confusion.

As for where I'm from, I come from a place not far from here, but far enough that our cultures and ways of life differ. I've always been fascinated by the people and customs of your land, and I felt drawn to visit, to learn and to share my own experiences. I am not here to impose my beliefs or ways of life upon you, but rather to learn from you and to build bridges between our two worlds.

It's true that one must be cautious in these times, but I implore you not to let fear and suspicion cloud your judgment. Not everyone who extends a hand is out to do you harm. Sometimes, the most unexpected people can become our greatest allies and friends.

Let us navigate this journey together, my newfound companion. Together, we can unravel the mysteries that surround us, and in doing so, find the strength and clarity we both so desperately seek. The answers we seek will come in time, but for now, let us focus on forging a bond of trust and understanding.

In time, perhaps, I will be able to help you uncover the truths you seek about those who surround you each day. Until then, know that I am here for you, and that my heart is open to whatever challenges and revelations may come our way.

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