An Orphan's Paradise Poem by Ghazala Lari

An Orphan's Paradise

Hidden within the depths of my heart

Are myriad feelings, wrapped in secrecy

Concealed in layers of wrapping paper

Safeguarded from prying eyes

A yearning, like a child's innocent touch

Longing to connect with the soul

Of the one who birthed me

I wonder, how did she look?

What melody did her voice carry?

Do I bear even a hint of her likeness?

I ache to hold her close

To feel her fingers in my hair

Offering solace on the toughest days

Every tear, a silent witness

Tracing paths down my face

Etching meandering patterns of pain

Emotions, locked away in the recesses

Treasures kept hidden from view

A chest box in my very soul

Where unsaid words and emotions reside

Sealed behind closed boxes

In my inner sanctum, they dwell

Unseen, untouched by any other

A tapestry of longing, unspoken

Aching to paint the perfect picture

Of a mother unknown, yet cherished

In a paradise of reunion and love

My yearning, a beacon of hope

Guiding me towards a future embrace

With those ethereal beings

Who reside in my heart's deepest chambers

Explanation of the above poem

Buried deep within the recesses of my heart lie a myriad of emotions, concealed beneath layers of wrapping paper, hidden from the prying eyes of the world. I have carefully locked away the yearning of a child, a longing to reach out and touch the soul, the body, and the face of the one who gave me life. The memory of her lingers in my mind, a faint echo of a voice I have never heard, a visage I have never beheld.

As I journey through this life, I am haunted by questions about my birth mother. How did she look like? Did her voice carry the same melody as mine? Do I bear any resemblance to her? These inquiries ignite a burning desire to hold her close, to feel her fingers gently caress my hair, to be enveloped in her embrace during life's inevitable storms. Each tear that has ever graced my cheeks has dried upon my face, leaving behind a map of unspoken sorrow.

Within the depths of my soul resides a treasure chest, filled with unspoken words and emotions, sealed away from the reach of others. I yearn to release these sentiments, to find the perfect words that could convey the true depth of my longing. As I navigate this earthly realm, yearning for the knowledge and connection I lack, I create a sanctuary in my imagination, envisioning a moment of profound bliss when I finally reunite with my family in the celestial paradise above.

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