jasmine margetson

The Suicide Of Marie.Cottly[mybestfriend] - Poem by jasmine margetson

i told her i would never steer you wrong;
and i never did;
she ignored me and continue to hum an unfamiliar song;
and the girl i knew was deep inside; sealed under an air tight lid;
she had given up and was now prepared;
she wouldn't talk to me and from me she never hid;
i her forced to stop but she didn't easily scare;
she made me stumble and in a corner i stayed;
then she made her way to the top of the tiers;
and i was breathless but i wouldn't sit watch her and lay;
i tackled her free from her neatly made noose;
i was hoping he face would read relief;
but it didn't it was devious as if she was happy to be loose;
then she ran to bathroom; when she return her stinche was that of bleach;
and she held something in her hand right hand;
my eyes widened in disbelief;
and when i heard the sound;
i immediately went to a state of grief;
blood is what my body surround;
and her eyes were focused on mine;
and i wish there was something i could change;
this wouldnt of happen if i would of gotten to the other side of the room on time;
she did warn me before i insisted to persist;
that if i came by she wouldnt resist;
but the super hero i wanted to be;
was lost the day my true friend was released;
and so here im left with the coulda shoulda woulda of that very day;
and hopefully she's at peace; and for that to god i pray;

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 31, 2008

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