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Daddi Dearess

y dont u call me
y when we speak u dont talk to me
y dont u let me be me
y do u seem ashamed of me
y dont u try to understand me
y do u neglect me
y dont u apologize to me
y dont u accept me
y r they more worthy than me
y dont u father them how u father me
or better yet y dont u father me how u father them
why must i be negative for u to see me
and y when i am u won’t reach out to me
you only punish me
when in fact its u thats made me me.

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A Simpl.Tragdy.

she said she was sorry
but things would never be the same
even though from her weeping
came passive hostility and rage
lots of angry gestures
shadowed by shame
all because she didn’t put out the fire to an old flame

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