The Sunday News Poem by Dana Gioia

The Sunday News

Rating: 2.8

Looking for something in the Sunday paper,
I flipped by accident through Local Weddings,
Yet missed the photograph until I saw
your name among the headings.

And there you were, looking almost unchanged,
Your hair still long, though now long out of style,
And you still wore that stiff and serious look
You called a smile.

I felt as though we sat there face to face.
My stomach tightened. I read the item through.
It said too much about both families,
Too little about you.

Finished at last, I threw the paper down,
Stung by jealousy, my mind aflame,
Hating this man, this stranger whom you loved,
This printed name.

And yet I clipped it out to put away
Inside a book like something I might use,
A scrap I knew I wouldn't read again
But couldn't bear to lose.

Michael Walker 26 August 2019

An impressive poem to the lost love of his life, who has married another man. Of course he feels jealous but keeps the newspaper clipping anyway just in case. I liked this true-to-life speech.

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Deva De Silva 22 January 2009

Hi Dana, I like reading little stories in poems... this is just one of them that I love. Flows well with clever statements... basic nature of human beings... Loved it and loved it! Deva

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Dana Gioia

Dana Gioia

Hawthorne, California
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