The Supreme Sacrifice Poem by Emma Lazarus

The Supreme Sacrifice

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Well-nigh two thousand years hath Israel
Suffered the scorn of man for love of God;
Endured the outlaw's ban, the yoke, the rod,
With perfect patience. Empires rose and fell,
Around him Nebo was adored and Bel;
Edom was drunk with victory, and trod
On his high places, while the sacred sod
Was desecrated by the infidel.
His faith proved steadfast, without breach or flaw,
But now the last renouncement is required.
His truth prevails, his God is God, his Law
Is found the wisdom most to be desired.
Not his the glory! He, maligned, misknown,
Bows his meek head, and says, "Thy will be done!"

Thomas Whitenton 10 February 2008

No moon could I have ever seen No stars up in the sky Had there been no 'reason why' I could not laugh or cry No clouds to shade a sunny day No thunderstorms so loud No places near or places far No humble and no proud There must have been a reason why Do you think it's true Well if you do then reason why There's a reason also for you (C) 2008 Thomas Wayne Whitenton

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