hikaru tomai

The Tale Of The Demonic Hero - Poem by hikaru tomai

In a land cold and blue
Where not even birds flew
Lied a secret, one taken to its grave
A gave of some hero, in his time he was brave
But his secret, told the actual truth
The truth was like a poisonous fruit

Hero's life the one epic and legendary
But the truth isn't always that merry
In his life lies darkness, blinding is the truth
In his life lies darkness, shocking to the boot
Not even the demon lord was that evil
The demon lord just led the upheaval

A hero born in rags and poverty
Lived his life in truth and novelty
The other hero born with gold
Lived his life with lies he told
One shone in compassion, the other one with luster
Both arising fast, with the strength they could muster

But in the end novelty became maou
Due to the lies the rich hero sowed
In his suffering, the painful load
The hero shined with the dull luster he showed
The darkness was bad, and the light good
The strong was right, the weak was food

Yet the demon fought of equality
The scocity deemed him as bad quality
Those who knew were bound to neutrality
Yet the hero rose to brutality
He killed those who sided with demons
Like as fishes are by seamen

In the end it was darkness versus light
The one won by hero called the epic fight
But the ones who know, are always in fright
Poisoning the darkness with a single bite
The negotiations turned to a assassination
A horrible death without salvation

For the world had lost to its ugly side
All the demons now had to abide
Their suffering and pain will never subside
The demon lord had gone and died
His death lies secret that hero held
The truth forever more expelled

In hero's death did the demons rejoice
It was one of few, very few of their joys
In their happiness they maybe made too much noise
And were slaughtered by the hero's Boys
Now there could be no more defiance
Because there was no one left, just silence.......

~Hikaru(par timer)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - END- - - - - - - - - -

Topic(s) of this poem: death, demons, hero, lies, tragedy, truth

Form: Cinquain

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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