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The moon that shines so bright ahead
The moonlight that my soul and heart it fed
Today it numbs my heart
Today it splits me apart

In the most darkest corner, can the most dazzling light be found
But this is a tale of a light turned down
After losing everything he had,
The demon child was a title he was crowned

In a land cold and blue
Where not even birds flew
Lied a secret, one taken to its grave
A gave of some hero, in his time he was brave

On an hilltop, the sun shone bright
There flew a purple kite
Like a bird in mid flight
It flew and flew till the night


I have seen the darkness,
I have seen the light.
I have seen  the carnage that comes after a fight.

This lonely night
The harsh and cold rain
Reminds me of the fight
That not even god could tame

In this dark moonless night I walk
My heart beating heavily as I cross my block
In a lonely ally full of darkness I gawk
The eerie silence, my beating heart did mock

Once upon a time in a land far away
There lies a dragon not even gods can hold at bay
But noble and just, ever-loving was he
He gave and gave not worried about the fee

Hope is a four letter word
but like belief it is absurd
these were the last words of an old man
he spent up everything even his lifespan


I am a jester, an Ordinary man,
I see the blazes that no man can fan,
I see this broken and hateful world
The string of fate deformed and curled

Forsaken was I, the moment born
Bound to life by emptiness and scorn
Longing for a companion, comrade in arms
A life where death, betrayal was norm

As thy rises from thy grave
After the fire's died and the lands raved
As thy rises from thy Grave
Witnessing the corrupted naught to be saved

This verse is naugh for the eyes of men
But for those who bearwitness the end
As time is eternal, never to bend
As time is eternal, an unkind friend

Quietly the mellow wind blows,
Silently it comes, silently it goes,
With no tales to solemnly impart,
As silently it came, shall it depart.

when all has been said and done
when blood's spilt, set has the sun
when darkness residing in hearts won
when the bullet's been fired from the gun

Why is it that, in a crowd of unfamiliar faces
I seek one that I have never seen before
Why is it that, in a sea of coincidental cases
I seek the one that full of unrealistic lore

In silence he sits,
Yet screams his mind,
Sanity's crumbling to bits,
Fueled by thoughts unkind.

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I was once quoted Emmanuel Kant " What is right is right because it's right" To which responded, " But what if relatively What is ones right is another mans left, Then what makes right, right then and not left. One mans perspective and philosophy on what’s right is irrelevant if that masses themselves dictate their own which happens to clash, Hence I’ll ask again if multiple existences are commended as incorrect, then would you be incorrect as the word of mob itself becomes the truth?)

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Empty Heart

The moon that shines so bright ahead
The moonlight that my soul and heart it fed
Today it numbs my heart
Today it splits me apart

For what had I suffered eternally
For who did I suffer so determinedly
Was my soul that you struck first
Or was it my heart that you first burst

Was it even me that you came to see
Or was I just my treasure's key
Did you even notice my love
Did you even look at what you got rid of

Was I the fool for believing in you
Was I the fool for thinking that love is true
If then the punishment is just and apt
This broken heart is forever chapped

For I am, was a kind man
But now just an empty, hollow tin can
But know this, forever this heart shall remember
That hateful and revolting December
~Hikaru(par timer)
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Hikaru Etanaru Popularity

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