Ilari Rahja

The Tower - Poem by Ilari Rahja

Upon a moonlit meadow.
We stood and glanced.
Measured ourselves.
Took a fateful contest.


Pitted against the other.
We fought and raged.
Blindly bellowed, vented.
Our fear, anger and craze.

So I stood.
For my part.
Took a stand.
Against thee - Enemy!

Allowing aggression to grow.
I clenched my fists.
Howled out - In distress.
Let boil all blood.

To heat, the soil beneath.

I thumped my chest.
Ever Stronger - Taller!
Fiercer - Hairier!
Might became.

Until all opposed.
Those, who differed.
Were defeated and slain.
Laid to waste.

Total Victory!

This craven feat accomplished!
I left upon the road.
Carried on with my journey.
Lightly ran along.

A sole survivor.
Upon haunted path.
Friendless, on a lonely road.
Through the woods.

Paved with lamentations.
Restless cries.
Of those vanquished.
Troubled souls.

Threatening, speechless.
Accusing and hounding me.
They appear - Shadows!
Memories of the slain.

Nearer, closer.
Wailing extended.
And woods did grow!
Grasped, tangled my clothes.

Still fresh, heedless.
Flushed by Victory!
I went ahead.
Ran ever faster.

Evermore fey and brash.
Grew my mood.
Crazed, I leaped.
Hollow laughed...

So quickly went.
My feet actually left.
That threatening ground.
Ever higher headed.

Until floated off - Levitated.
Untouchable to all - Were!
From Wolf - To a Night's Fairy.
I had turned.

Saw, in the distance.
A Tower approaching.
Destination, I reasoned.
My deserved prize!

Tall, enviable and fair.
It seemed at first.
Increasingly dark - Ominous.
The closer I approached.

With hesitation, doubt.
Nevertheless, I neared.
Continued to advance.
Beckoned, immortal glory!

As I vied, to reach its top.
There to view, look upon.
Those conquered lands.
Dominions, I thus owned.

No doubt...

So I stretch.
Extend my all.
To float, fly straight.
Into that pinnacle.

Finally, conscience nearing its end.
I arrive upon it!
Yet cannot land.
Stop or to stand.

Upon my very own feet.
Too fleet!
They've turned out.
Opted to be.

Failing to stand.
I continue - Slide.
Upon my back.
Over the edge, of Tower.

I plunged and fell!
With spreaded limbs.
Reached beyond depths.
It concealed behind.

Slowly, surely - Faster!
Powerless, I went.
Into seething darkness.
Deeper descended.

Sank into gloom.
Bottomless pit.
Heard an eerie laugh.
Mocking, in my wake.

Silently - For my screams.
Had been left behind.
Along with my breath.
Along with my laugh...

Found a home.
Within hush - Oblivion.

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