Ilari Rahja

Threads - Poem by Ilari Rahja

Breeze anew, I felt.
Amidst the heat.
As it moved.
Whispered silently.

Mocking, in my ear.
Those solemn words.
Elusive whisks and wisps.
I thus, was meant to hear.

As the day faded.
Slowly turned, into night.
From threads, into thoughts.
It developed.

There I sat - Solidified.
Faced, onto emptiness.
Into the night.
Stones outside.

While within.
Hollows burned.
Flames alingered.
Remained still.

Those hopes, wishes.
Which, I had kept.
While all else born.
Became corrupted, or was lost.

These threads of value.
Still remained.
Too stubborn - Precious.
To simply, vanish - disappear.

They remind me, of what was.
Question worth, I valued.
What madness gripped?
Tainted sense, sensibility.


Until nothing, but money.
Fame, success!
Its ultimate futility.
Mattered anymore.

Perhaps all I asked.
Aspired for.
A smile unique.
Somewhere, in-between.

Annerved kindness.
Mixed with sighs and sorrows.
Lasting faith.
Our wait, deserved fate.

Fitted their enduring thought.

Those many kinds of tears, which we have.
What might their purpose be.
Why should their waters flow.
Bring fullfillment in joy?

Relief, in sorrow?
Release, in agony...?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 16, 2012

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