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The Victory Day - Poem by Larisa Rzhepishevska

The 8th -9th of May – the Greatest Day,
the Saint Holiday – the Victory Day.
A holiday with glee and spree,
a holiday with tears that appear
remembering those soldiers,
the heroes of the Second World War.
Those hardcore days
we don’t want to face anymore.
That was the largest war
in the history of mankind,
I don’t want you to be blind
but to know and remember the facts:
almost 58 million of men were lost.
Wasn’t it the highest cost?
62 countries out of 73
fought against fascist regime
in one international team.
More than 80% of the Earth population
were involved in military operation,
covering the territories of 40 countries,
bringing only grief, hunger, sufferings and worries.
I looked at the pictures of those young guys,
those heroes of the Second World War
and tried to realize who they were before.
It’s difficult to guess but I would like to suggest:
among them was someone’s son
who had never seen a gun,
someone’s first student or a teacher,
someone’s darling, friend or a preacher.
They had laid down in the fields of fights
struggling for freedom and human rights.
They had given their lives for you and me,
for everyone to be free and live happily,
for the grass to be green,
for the sky to be blue and clean.
Someone in ancient times once said:
“If you want peace be ready for the war.”
These words are not for today.
Yes, we shout “Hurray! ”
But if we want peace
we have to do everything for love to increase
But not use military force
which is only the source of sufferings and the losses
with so many costs.
Yes, we celebrate this day and shout “Hurray”, say “Cheers”
wishing everyone live in lasting peace,
not to know a war decease.
We remember the most impressive celebration
when two nations: American and Russian soldiers
met on the banks of the Elbe and could finally see
the end of that horrible war.
With admiration and joyfully they embraced one another
as if they were old friends or even brothers.
So, today, on the 8th of May I would like to say:
Peoples of our planet Earth!
Remember! We are the part of the whole Universe.
Take care of our Land!
Everyone has to understand:
if you want peace
You have to do everything for love to increase.

Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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